White Jaguars Cyber Security

More than 14 years of international experience.

Cybersecurity staff augmentation

From SOC agents, AppSec engineers to Pentesters, we provide highly skilled professionals based in Costa Rica at very attractive rates.

Pentest On demand

You can either hire dedicated resources to be part of your current team or request pentesting services on demand based on your workload, whatever works best for you.

Vendor neutral

We'll work with the tools you use, in the process you have already implemented and aligned with your policies and regulations.

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Vulnerability Remediation Services

We provide guidance and assistance if you need support during the remediation process or we can even fix the vulnerabilities for you.

You really own your data

Either from on demand or staffing services, you own the data in all cases including the stored in our SaaS solutions based on our isolated multitenant architecture.

Vulnerability management

Dealing with data from scanners, code analyzers, pentesting, etc, is a complicated task and we have developed a solution for you.


Cybersecurity projects


Vulnerabilities reported


Pentests completed


With us you have the ability to achieve goals without having to deal with attrition, payroll, workload spikes and more, we know how painful that is and it's the reason behind our offering for simplifying your work and make your life easier.

Why Costa Rica?

WhiteJaguars Inc is established in Delaware, US and our operations center is based in Costa Rica:

  • Cost-effective nearshore model operating within your time zone.
  • Talented and bilingual workforce.
  • Certified and highly skilled professionals availability.
  • Companies such as Fiserv, Experian, Equifax, Akamai, IBM, HP, Intel and more have all established offices there.
  • Aligned with the culture in United States through its business practices.
  • Economic and political stability.
  • Pacific Time:
  • Costa Rica (CST):
  • Eastern Time:

Operating within your time zone

Cost effective nearshore solution for companies in America and 24/7 operations in Europe.

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Ready for removing the bottle neck from your process?

If not, you'll recall later down the road we're here to help.

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